TeamCare has notified Local 71 and sent a letter to all YRCW Teamsters that YRC and Holland are delinquent on their March 2020 contributions and that they will be unable to pay contributions for work performed in April and May.

The Fund informed members that they will extend TeamCare Layoff Coverage to all active and laid off YRCW Teamsters for a maximum period of 8 weeks. The memo says “eligible claims incurred after May 10 may be paid even though YRCW is on suspension of benefit status.”


Click here to see the full six-page memo from TeamCare, including FAQs

Over the weekend, following the TeamCare announcement, The IBT Freight Division announced that all YRC and Holland Teamsters will have the full 8 weeks of layoff benefits, starting May 10. This includes members who have been actively working and those who may have already used up some of the layoff coverage. 

TeamCare covers about 65% of YRCW Teamsters. YRCW has applied for emergency pandemic funds under the CARES Act, which could help the situation.  In the event YRCW resolves the delinquent contributions, any layoff coverage used in this period for active YRC and Holland Teamsters will be restored and available for future layoffs as needed.