The Central States Pension Fund is asking all Teamsters and retirees to take action to protect our pensions. Call your senator today at 833-738-0064. Use these five talking points from the CSPF to make your voice heard.

1. Essential workers deserve their full pensions. Essential workers have been on the frontline throughout this pandemic and deserve not to lose their pensions.

  • Tell them your name, where you live, and the type of essential work you performed along with how many years you worked toward your pension. 
  • Tell them that the Teamster essential workers today are keeping the country moving through this pandemic and these workers should not lose the Central States pensions they have earned.
  • If you are retired, remind them that you were an essential worker before you retired.

2. I can’t survive if I lose my pension.

  • Explain how losing your pension will affect your life and your ability to pay for housing, healthcare, food, medicine, and basic utilities.
  • Remind them that over the past decade, economic stimulus relief has been provided to many industries …. and Congress now needs to provide relief for essential workers covered by multiemployer pensions affected by the downturn in the markets over the past decade.

3. If You Served Your Country … Thank You!

  • It is important to inform your Members of Congress of your military service for your country.

4. This issue will absolutely affect how you vote in November.

  • Make sure they understand that this is an important issue that will affect how you vote.
  • Tell them you’re in the Central States Pension Fund and, unless Congress takes action now, your hard-earned pension will be cut to almost nothing.

5. Keep trying … Congress will listen!

  • If you don’t get a live answer, keep trying.  Don’t give up if you get a busy signal or a recorded message – try again later.  It’s important your voice is heard.
  • When you do get through, be polite – name calling won’t help.  Our role is to educate and engage these officials to take action now.

Spread the word. Share this handout and engage family members, neighbors, and friends to call.