The International Union has recently won monetary settlements for road drivers at YRC Freight and T-Force (formerly UPS Freight) across the United States, totaling over $1.5 million.

TFI Teamsters to Receive Payouts Totaling Over $1 Million

In 2017, the Teamsters filed a complaint against UPS Freight for failing to offer red-circled road drivers their normal guarantee, or working them out of classification for less than their hourly rate.

The complaint originated in Laredo, TX when road drivers were not paid their guarantee, or were given work outside their job classification and paid less than $37.61 for that time. Payouts range from $3 to $53,000 per driver, and total roughly $1.5 million.

The settlement includes some Local 71 T-Force road drivers. If you are a T-Force road driver and reported this violation, you may be eligible for a payout.

YRC Freight Pays for Purchased Transportation Violation

The Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee reached an agreement with YRC Freight earlier this month requiring $1,250 to be paid out to all eligible YRC Freight road drivers.

Detailed analysis by the IBT concluded that the violation occurred in part due to COVID-19.  

YRC Freight road drivers who ran at least 15 trips in 2021 and are on the seniority list as of December 31, 2021 are eligible for the $1,250 payout. Over 200 YRC road drivers at the Charlotte terminal in Local 71 will be receiving payouts, according to company information provided to the IBT.

The monetary settlement is the result of YRC Freight violating Article 29, Section 6 of the Yellow National Master Freight Agreement by exceeding the maximum 29% allowed road and rail purchased transportation for 2021. Click here to see the MOU.

Contract Enforcement Pays

 “When management thinks they can get away with stealing our work they will. If you think you’ve been violated, document the violation, talk with your steward or BA, and report it,” said Cliff Crawford, Local 71 Vice President & Freight Business Agent.

“The company is obligated under the contract to maximize earning potential for union members. It pays to enforce our contracts.”

Payments to eligible Teamster road drivers will be made in the first quarter of 2022.